4G Service FAQs


Why is ASTAC converting its wireless network from 2G to 4G?

This conversion will be an upgrade to our existing network!  By doing this, we are able to provide our customers with an increase in mobile broadband capacity.
ASTAC’s new network will help keep more customers connected in more places and allow for new mobile, app and cloud-bases services in our serving territory.


What is the difference between 2G and 4G wireless service?

Customers will notice a drastic increase in their data speeds on their wireless phones allowing users to search the web, upload to social media sites and Skype
at far faster speeds.


What is ASTAC’s timeline to convert all North Slope villages to 4G?

ASTAC converted all North Slope Borough communities by January 13, 2017. Nuiqsut was converted March 23, Barrow June 15, Point Lay September 27, Point Hope October 24, Wainwright November 7, Atqasuk December 5, Anaktuvuk Pass January 10 and Kaktovik January 13.


Once my wireless service changes to 4G, will I be able to call North Slope locations that have not
yet been converted to 4G?

ASTAC must simultaneously turn down its 2G network while turning up its 4G network, therefore customers converted to the 4G network may not have full
functionality of their wireless phone when traveling to North Slope locations that are still on its 2G network.


To offset loss of data features on your phone, it is recommended customers use Wi-Fi until ASTAC has completed its conversion in your location.


What will I need to do to ensure my wireless phone will work on the 4G network?

All customers will need a 4G compatible phone and a new ASTAC Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. Wireless 2G phones will not work on our 4G network.
To help offset the additional expense of customers upgrading their 2G phone to a 4G phone, ASTAC will issue a $100 credit toward the purchase of a new 4G wireless phone and waive the $35 activation fee during the conversion period. Additionally, each phone will require changes be made in its settings. As it gets closer to conversion time for your serving area, ASTAC will communicate its plan to change out SIM cards. ASTAC employees will be able to help with those changes and answer any questions customers might have. To follow is a list of 2G phones ASTAC has sold over the last several years. If you have any of these phones or are unsure if your phone will be compatible, please contact us at 1-800-478-6409 to confirm.


  • Alcatel OT 255 & OT 808a
  • Motorola M900 & M930
  • Nokia 2760 & 7020
  • Samsung B2100
  • Sonim XP3.20 Quest Pro


Will I need to change my rate plan?

Yes, customers will need to move onto one of our new wireless plans.


Will my voicemail work?

Yes, but it will be on a new system. You will be prompted to set up your new voice mailbox, enter a passcode, greeting and name identification.
Refer to this step by step voicemail instruction sheet for more details.


Will my coverage improve moving to 4G?

Yes, ASTAC’s coverage will both improve and expand. Take a look at our coverage map.


Will AT&T wireless phones be able to work on ASTAC's new 4G network?

Yes, AT&T customers roaming in our markets will be able to access the new 4G network.


Why does 'unknown' come up on my caller ID since moving to the 4G network?

ASTAC's 4G wireless network does support caller ID but ASTAC is in the process of updating our signal points which allow a phone number to be shared 

with the called party. We plan to have this completed in 2017.





Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+