Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I view PDF files on the ASTAC website?  


To view PDF files on the ASTAC website Adobe Reader is required.  When it is installed you should get a pop-up box before the file opens.

2.  My ASTAC account went to collections due to non-payment, who do I contact?


Click Here for Instructions and contact information

3.   What Email Settings are needed to ensure I can send and receive emails?  


4.  How do I stop telemarketer calls?


The Federal Government has established a national registry where you can register to not receive calls from telemarketers. 

You can register on-line at http://www.donotcall.gov/ or call toll-free, 1-888-382-1222 (TTY 1-866-290-4236), from the number you wish to register.

Registration is free.

5.  What are Capital Credits? 

Capital credits are how the utility assigns a portion of the net tax margin left over, after covering operating expenses, to the member owners of the cooperative. Capital credits represent a member’s portion of the net tax margin the utility generates, but they are not cash and they can’t be cashed in or used to pay your bill. Negative net tax margins (operating losses) are used to offset future year’s positive net margin.  For additional information view "Capital Credits".

6.  What is the difference between a Capital Credit allocation and a distribution? 

Capital credits are allocated to member accounts each year and become a permanent record of member equity until retired. Retirement occurs when the
Cooperative is in a strong financial position that allows maintenance and expansion of services and a payment of a portion of member’s equity (their
allocated capital credits). In the past, the Board has chosen to reinvest earnings into new services like wireless. Thanks for doing business with the company you own.

7.  Where can I locate the user guide or manual for the cell phone I purchased from ASTAC?

Locate your cell phone model on the "User Guide" web page.

8.  Where can I find information about Virus Alerts and Removal? 

View Symantec website

9.  Where can I find information about New E-Scams & Warnings?


View FBI website

10.  Is there an online version of the ASTAC Telephone Directory? 


Yes, on the footer of the website pages click on "Search the ASTAC Online Telephone Directory".

11.  How do I request a donation from ASTAC?


View the ASTAC Donation Policy.

12.  I have a joint account, how do I remove myself or the other person from the account?


The ASTAC account needs to be at a zero balance and both parties must complete the Change of Responsibility form. Scan and email the completed
form to info@astac.net or fax to 907-563-3394.



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