Payment Options

Pay Online & View Account

Sign up for Smarthub to pay and view your account online, call the Anchorage office (1-800-478-6409) or Utqiagivk store (907-852-7100) and provide your email address and preferred password.


Automatic Credit/Debit Card Payments

The credit/debit card provided will be billed the 15th of each month to cover the total amount due on your monthly statement.  No longer need to mail a payment or call in to pay over the phone. 


Call us at 1-800-478-6409 if you want to change the credit card on file or update the expiration date. To sign up complete the EFT Form and fax it to the Anchorage office at Fax # 907-563-3394


Single Payments Paid Over the Phone with Credit or Debit Card

 Call the Anchorage (1-800-478-6409) or Utqiagivk office (907-852-7100) and a payment can be made over the phone with a credit or debit card. 


Mail Check or Money Order to the Anchorage Office

Please include the account number and customer name on the check or money order and mail to ASTAC 4300 B ST Suite 501 Anchorage, AK 99503.





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