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DSL Terms & Conditions 

  • ASTAC requires that customer's have a standard ASTAC Local service (POTS) line for this service.
  • Service includes onsite installation and configuration of the modem/router.
  • The demarcation point for DSL service ends at the Ethernet LAN Interface on the broadband services modem. Any Inside Wiring beyond the Network Interface Device (typically located where telephone services enters the building) are the customer's responsibility. Any additional installations of hardware, software or Inside Wiring can be provided for an additional charge.
  • Certain locations may be unable to support desired connectivity or performance. Confirmation of DSL service and bandwidth may not occur until installation of the service.
  • In the event that ASTAC Internet determines at the time of installation that DSL service is unavailable, no charges will apply.
  • DSL discounts afforded under this agreement are contingent upon the customer’s maintenance of services selected as part of this Agreement. In the event that any of the services selected as part of this Agreement are terminated or disconnected by customer prior to expiration of this Agreement, any discounts afforded under this Agreement in association with said terminated or discontinued services shall be discontinued. If the Customer terminates their term of service commitment prior to installation of service, the Customer shall pay those reasonable costs incurred by ASTAC through the date of termination.
  • The termination liability will not apply if the Customer transfers the service commitment to another customer owned ASTAC telephone number in their name.
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