Caleb's Corner


Favorite Apps


Hanx Writer

Hanx Writer could be one of the coolest apps out on the market today. It has been the top free app now for a couple of months since its release. With Hanx Writer, you are able to send emails, SMS messages, IMessages and take notes. What this app does is turn your regular keyboard functions in to an old school typewriter. So for those of of you that have used an old school typewriter before, you can have that same sound and enjoyment from the past. Now there are two versions of this aap. You can download the free version which gives you a couple of different styles of typewriters. If you want more, you can download them for a price. I am happy with the free version and highly recommend this app.



For those that want to keep up with your finances and budget, Mint is the app to have. No only can you categorize everything you spend, but it will provide you with graphing, budget updates and numerous other functions to help you keep up with your finances. Not only can you use this on all Apple and Android devices, but you can link it with the actual website ( This app is completely free and one that I encourage everyone to have and use.


Password Manager by Passible

For those of you that have numerous passwords and logins for different websites, this is the best password keeper that I have found. This app is data encrypted and keeps your passwords and user information safe and secure. All you do is download the free app or the for purchase version for more functions, setup each website that you use a password on, and you can activitate that site right from the app. Once you activiate the site from the app, it automatically logs you in and eliminates the possibility of forgotten passwords. I have only tested the app on an Apple device, Android testing to be done soon.


Wolfram Alpha Viwer

This app is capable of so many different things. Not only can you track airplanes that might be flying overhead, but you can check the weather, locate yourself according to geocoding coordinates, and more. With the free version you get weather, airplane tracking and the self-locator. With the paid version, you get much more. Its a pretty fun app.


Guitar Tuna

As the name suggests, this app is for guitar players. I have gone through numerous guitar tuner apps (I can tune by ear, but it is nice to have a tuner) and have finally found a really good one. Guitar Tuna is a cool, free app that does more than tune guitars. There are lessons that you can follow to help you with chord recognition and various other games. They now offer a free version which is limited on what it provides. I have only tested the app on an Apple device but do recommend it. 






Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+