Caleb's Corner


LG Nexus 5





PRO: The size and weight of this phone are amazing.
PRO: I am pleased with the display size as well as the lightweight frame.



PRO: The makeup and design of this phone exceeds that of the “plastic feel” and it provides adequate durability.


Battery and Memory

PRO: The Nexus 5 has a pretty good battery when in constant use.

CON: You cannot access the battery nor can you add a memory card to this phone.
Depending on which one you get (16 GB or 32GB) that is all the internal memory you have.



PRO: The graphics on this phone are outstanding and my eyes do not hurt from using the Nexus for extended periods of time.


PRO: The initial setup for the Nexus was very simple and I had the phone out of the box and running within about 5 minutes.


Google Play Store, Cloud, and Speech Recognition

PRO: As usual with the Play Store, downloading apps and games are simple.

PRO: Google Cloud - Storage

PRO: Google Speech Recognition




Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+