Samsung Galaxy Tab

Data Configuration Instructions


Add Access Point:

Menu -> Settings -> Wireless and networks -> Mobile networks

Access point names

Menu -> New APN

Name = ASTAC

APN "Ningiq"

Menu -> save

Remember to check that the access point is set to active (Green point)

tap on the point if not

Next go to:

Menu -> Settings -> Wireless and networks -> Mobile networks

Network Mode

Make sure GSM Only is selected with the green dot next to it


To create a custom homepage and adjust web settings open the web browser and follow the below steps..

Menu -> More -> Settings


**When troubleshooting Edge data problems please ensure that the WiFi option has been disabled on the device.  WiFi can be disabled by dragging the taskbar at the top of the screen down with your finger.  If the WiFi symbol is green it is on and should be turned off by tapping the icon one time.  This will turn the icon to grey.



Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+