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Galaxy S3



For those of you that have big hands like I do, this is the perfect phone!



Although this phone is very thin, it packs a reliable punch when it comes to its strength! The best advice is to pick up an Otter Box case. Otter Box offers a nice lineup of several different models. Additional items such as the Otter Box Defender make the phone much bigger and rugged for those who are not so gentle on their phones.



This phone provides you with customization options that are not possible on any Apple phone! Having the ability to use live wallpapers is a huge plus. I have my background and weather app synced together. So whatever the weather is doing it will do in my background. With each screen, you are able to put anything on them you want. Being able to have your apps organized in folders or having a special widget makes using the phone a lot easier to use.



The S3 (with a software update) allows you to take pictures without ever pressing a button. By simply saying capture, shoot, or cheese, the phone will automatically take your picture. This allows you to keep the phone as still as possible during a picture.


Voice Commands

The S3 has numerous voice commands that allow you to operate the phone without using any buttons. The ability to answer or reject calls by simply saying, “Answer” or “Reject.” This gives you the opportunity to continue doing whatever your daily busy life requires without having to stop and press buttons. The S3 also has “IRIS,” which is similar to that of “SIRI” on the iPhone lineup. Whenever connected to wireless data or WiFi, IRIS is at your disposal to ask questions, tell jokes and give you weather updates. IRIS can also make calls, send text messages, and read your emails to you. You can also dictate notes, write emails, and open web pages using the IRIS feature.


Hand Motions

By using simple hand motions on the phone you can do several things. You can move apps around, take screen shots, and rearrange each screen. By pinching the screen, it gives you the option to rearrange the order in which your screens are positioned.


How to get the most current version of Android?

The phone, when connected to data or wifi, will alert the user that an update is available. This is found in the drop down menu at the top of the screen. Then download the update and restart the phone.


Sharing Files

There are a few functions need to make sure are turned on. Depending on the software version you are running on your phone, some options may be different. I am on the Android Version 4.1.2. First go to the "Settings" Menu. Once in the settings menu, look for "More Settings". This will take you to the next screen where you are looking for "NFC" and "SBeam". You will need to make sure both of these options of green. By simply sliding the indicator to the left of the "NFC" and "SBeam". Now that we have these turned on we are ready to transfer files. Some files are not capable of being transferred. Sharing pictures, music, and some apps are possible. By touching your phone with another Samsung Galaxy S3 you will hear a sound and feel a vibration. This has created a link between the phones. Once this occurs, you will need to accept the connection between phones. Now that the connection has been established, you are ready to transfer files. By simply touching the phones together, with the desired file open for transfer, the file on the screen will become smaller. When this happens, you can select how you want to transfer the file. You need to select "Wi-Fi Direct". After selecting this, the file will begin to transfer.



The “Motion,” feature on the S3 is still ahead of the game! By simply going in to your settings menu, you can make changes to the “Motion settings.” Bring up your settings menu, Look for the System section, Select Motion, and make sure the option is Green. Once you are in the Motion settings menu, you can adjust any of the settings.


Direct Call (within Motion Settings Menu)

By turning on Direct Call, when in a text message, you can move the phone to your ear to automatically begin a phone call. This is a really great feature. Often times, we are busy doing things of everyday and engaged in a text conversation. By activating the Direct call feature, making that phone call now becomes easier!




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