14 Day Trial

14 Day Trial

ASTAC’s 14-Day trial period provides our members with the opportunity to try services with no obligation to keep their service for the terms of the original agreement. Our members have 14 days to use their service before they are unable to return their device and cancel their services without incurring an Early Termination Fee (ETF).

During the 14-Day trial, members are responsible for the billing that supports their services but are not required to keep their purchased handset. If a member chooses to return their phone during this time-frame, a $35 restocking fee is required to be paid up front or taken out of the return payment of the original purchased price of the device.

All returned devices are required to abide by ASTAC’s return policy, which is outlined below.

  • All equipment must be in like new condition with original packages and components (phone, charger, battery, instructions, warranty information, cord, etc.)
  • All equipment must be returned with the original receipt and will only be granted to the actual purchaser of the device originally
  • It is the members responsibility to ensure all personal contents are erased off the device before returning; these include photos, emails, contacts, etc. We recommend a factory reset. Passwords and account log ins need to be logged out before device is returned, or we are unable to accept your return.
  • If you are returning your device for a more expensive device, you will be responsible for the difference of cost from your original purchase amount plus the $35 restocking fee; if you are returning your device for a less expensive device, you will be refunded that amount minus the restocking fee of $35 towards the original tender of purchase.

ASTAC currently doesn’t allow for accessories to be returned unless in the original packaging, unopened, and in like new condition.