5 Cool Samsung Galaxy S10 Features

5 Cool Samsung Galaxy S10 Features

The Samsung Galaxy S10 line includes three phones, the S10e, S10 and S10+. The S10 line has some of the most innovative phone features to date which will knock your socks off! Here are 5 cool features you’ll love about the Samsung Galaxy S10:

1.Wireless PowerShare

Wireless PowerShare lets you charge other Galaxy devices or even a friend’s phone right from the back of your device.


2. A Smarter Phone for Smarter Living 

Another great feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is its Intelligent Performance recognizes patterns in your mobile behavior and optimizes usage based on them – even predicting future behavior and loading frequently used apps ahead of time.


3. Triple-lens Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has three back facing cameras and two front facing cameras (that’s a total of five cameras). On the back of the phone, the main 12MP camera takes amazing quality photos, one camera has 3x optical zoom lens and the other is a wide-angled camera best for landscape photos. The cameras were made to work like the human eye and can adjust light in any setting. This upgraded feature is why many people are upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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4. Dynamic AMOLED Display

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first and only phone on the market with a Dynamic AMOLED display. The display is the most high definition display for smart phones AND the least harmful to the eyes. The Dynamic LED screen reduces harmful blue lights without changing the quality of the screen.


5. 3D AR Emoji

The coolest feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 may be it’s new 3D AR Emoji 2.0. This new technology is an upgrade from the AR Emoji feature available in last year’s devices. The new 3D AR Emoji uses the dual cameras to take better 3D image of your face and is more lifelike.


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