5 Cool Samsung Note9 Features

Are you considering upgrading to the Samsung Note9? If you’re like me, then cool phone features are what make a great mobile experience. Here are 5 cool features you’ll love about the Note9 – SO cool you’ll have to get one.

1. S Pen Stylus

The Note9’s S Pen Stylus isn’t like any ordinary stylus – it has a blue tooth antenna inside which allows you to use the Stylus as a remote control. You can also use it as a selfie button or to pause and play a YouTube video.

S Pen Stylus

2. Send ‘Live Messages’

The Note9 allows you to send live messages also known as GIFs to your friends and family with supported devices. Texting has never been more fun!


3. Send AR Emojis!

Just like other Samsung devices, the Note9 allows you to create a live message with your avatar. You can customize your avatar to look just like you or your alter ego – how cool is that?


4. Create a GIF

Instead of taking a picture – create a GIF! GIFs are animated photos that are shareable on social media. This feature will take your Facebook or Instagram page to a whole new level.


5. Create & Display Notes

Have ideas you don’t want to forget? With the Note9 you’re able to create a note fast by pressing hold on your S pen while double tapping your screen. You can also pin the note on to your display screen so you won’t forget anything important.


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