5 Cyber Security Tips to Keep You Cyber Safe

In a cyber world full of Trojans, worms, viruses and scams, it’s important to keep your family’s cyber security safe. Check out these 5 helpful Cyber Security tips.

1. If don’t trust it, delete it.

Cyber criminals use emails, links, and social media as a source to target their prey. If something doesn’t look right – delete it, even if you know the source.

Delete it

2. Keep your security software up-to-date.

Updating and keeping your security software current is the best defense against malware, viruses and other online threats. Enabling automatic updates is a great way to ensure your security software is always up-to-date.


3. Eight characters is too short.

Good password practice is to use a mix of characters and to not use the same password for multiple sites. It’s recommended by the NCSA to use sentences as passwords such as “I am strong” that are easy to remember. Most websites allow you to use spaces in your passwords.


4. Back up your data.

It’s recommended to back up your data regularly such as photos, documents, etc. onto a second device and a cloud-based storage. If you become a victim of malware attack, the only way to restore your device is to erase your compromised data and system.


5. Don’t use public Wi-Fi.

Practice safe browsing, and only practice sensitive browsing such as banking or shopping on a network you trust. If you use a public computer, a friend’s device or public Wi-Fi your information can be copied or stolen.


We hope you have learned a new way to stay safe online. Visit Stop.Think.Connect. for more Cyber Security tips.