5 ways iPads can help your child do better in school

In this day and age – iPads are being used more and more in the classroom. Why? Because iPads are a great study tool to help any student reach academic success. Below are five ways iPads can help your child do better in school.

1. Buy or Rent Digital textbooks and download them on to your child’s or college student’s iPad

For college students, textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars, and weigh a ton in a backpack whereas iPads offer cheaper digital versions of most textbooks without the weight. iPads make textbooks accessible no matter where you venture as long as you have WiFi and allows you to highlight, bookmark and type notes on digital textbook pages.


2. Your child can take notes in class with their iPad

Telll your kiddos to leave their pens and pencils at home. They can now use their fingers or stylus to take notes in class. Your child also has the option to write or type notes and save them digitally on their iPad.


3. Homework can be done anywhere there is WiFi

Most homework is done online these days and having an iPad allows your student to do homework on the go.


4. Educational videos on the Internet can help your child study

Not all information is absorbed in class, and it’s beneficial to have access to the Internet featuring millions of educational materials and video to help them recap a lecture or better understand a subject. It’s like having a personal tutor, without the extra cost and with the accessibility your child needs.


5. Learn code

It’s not a secret that with all the technological advances made in the past 20 years, learning code has become one of the most sought after skills. Set your child up for the best future, by downloading Apple’s newest app called Swift Playground on their iPad which introduces the basics of code.


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