7 Cool iPhone 11 Features

6 Cool iPhone 11 Features

ASTAC now carries the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 line has some of the most innovative phone features to date which will leave you dazzled! Here are 6 cool features you’ll love!

1) Durable

iPhones are not generally known for their durability, however due to customer demands this line is made from more durable glass than Apple’s past models. The glass on the phone is made by the same company that produces Gorilla Glass, which is a brand of chemically strengthen glass designed to be damage resistant. Both phones have an IP68 water and dust resistance rating,  although the iPhone 11 Pro can withstand being submerged in deeper water. So although the new iPhones are not indestructible, they won’t be as sensitive to small drops as past models.  


2) Ultra Wide Lens

The most exciting features on the new iPhone 11 are camera related, because we spend so much time on our phones capturing family memories and sharing photos of our lives online. The iPhone 11’s ultra wide lens allows users to capture a larger field of view without needing an external lens or professional camera.  So there’s no need to take a few steps back to fit the whole family in a group photo.


3) Battery Life

The new iPhone 11 performance and efficiency have improved significantly as performance cores are up to 20% faster but use 30% less power! The iPhone 11 battery tested at 94 minutes longer than the iPhone XR. The extra battery life lets you enjoy more time on your phone without having to worry about battery life. 


4) Night Mode

Another exciting feature is the iPhone 11’s Night Mode, which is an automatic camera setting that takes advantage of the larger camera lens which allows more light to travel through the camera making brighter photos when it’s dark outside. With past iPhone models, many people figured “some things you just can’t catch on camera”, well now that has all changed.  


5) Portrait Mode For Pets

Taking pictures of your furry friends has never been more CUTE! The new iPhone 11 now has Portrait Mode for pets which means you can take hi-resolution images of your pets. This feature takes your pet photos from amateur photographer to artiste! 


6) Slofies

The iPhone 11 has given a whole new meaning to a cool selfie – now they have a feature to help you make a slofie. A slofie is Apple’s name for a slow-motion selfie which can record video at 120 frames per second. Now you can up your Instagram content game with some cool slofies! 


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