9 Cool Ways To Use Your Amazon Echo Plus

Have you heard about the Amazon Echo Plus – but don’t know what you can do with it? The following 9 ways will change the way you live life for the better.

1. Interactive Stories

Have you ever been itching for an adventure but had nowhere to go? With the Amazon Echo Plus, you can now use Open the Magic Door or Earplay to listen, interact and drive different interactive stories as they take you on a spooky adventure or a wild ride! Watch YouTube Star, HomeAutomationX, use the Amazon Echo Plus to visit the Dark Forest (warning: you may be frightened at certain scenes!)

2. Sports radio

Sometimes we get too busy with things to tune into a basketball game – but with the Amazon Echo Plus no matter what you’re doing you can tune into live sports radios or ask Alexa what the current scores are, so you can always keep track of your bracket!

Amazon Alexa

3. Alarm & wake up to music

Waking up for work early in the morning isn’t always easy, but it can be with the Amazon Echo Plus. You can set your alarm to go off with music or nature sounds to get your morning started in a good mood!


4. Music & tranquil noises

The best part about the Amazon Echo Plus is its amazing speakers. It’s perfect for playing music during dinner, parties or at family functions. You can also listen to tranquil sounds for a light background setting while studying or resting.


5. Help you find your phone

Lost your phone again? No worries, ask Alexa to find your phone and she’ll call it for you. Looks like you left it under the couch cushion again.


6. Hands free texting

When your hands are tied up sewing your granddaughter’s new atikłuk, it’s hard to text back friends and family. No worries – with the Amazon Echo Plus you can activate hands free texting and tell Alexa to text back for you. Now isn’t that the life?

Amazon Dictate

7. Recipes

Your hands are covered in flour, and you forgot what you need to mix in next for the fry bread? No worries Ask Alexa and she’ll read you the rest of the recipe.

Amazon Recipes

8. Personal trainer

Don’t want to go to the gym? No problem – lay out a nice mat on the floor and the Amazon Echo Plus will double as your personal trainer. 10 pushups, 14 jumping jacks AND 40 squats! Cool, right?

Amazon Personal trainer

9.Tune your guitar

If you’re a musician, you know how crucial it is to have in-tune instruments. Amazon Echo Plus can work as a tuner to keep your instrument playing at it’s best!


We hope you enjoyed those 9 cool ways to use your Amazon Echo Plus! Tune into ASTAC’s Official Facebook Page for more updates on how to use your tech gear.