Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Powering Your Fiber Connection

Copper telephone lines provide power through the CO which keep telephone lines working during a power outage. Fiber is made up of very thin glass strands and does not have the ability to run electricity.  When a customer is on Fiber it is necessary to provide a backup battery source to keep the lines working during a power outage. This will allow a customer to dial 911 in the event of an emergency.

When power is interrupted the backup battery will activate, once power comes back on the backup battery will recharge. If the backup battery charge is getting low there will be an audible alarm that notifies you. In researching the power outage history, it is uncommon to have outages that last more than 8 Hours in our service area.

FCC has established the requirement that any subscriber on Fiber service be given the option of an 8-Hour or 24-Hour backup battery.  ASTAC standard install has an 8-Hour backup battery. You, our customer, have the option to upgrade to a 24-Hour backup battery at the cost of $225.00. 

 If you choose to purchase a 24-Hour backup battery your options are:

1.     Have ASTAC install the unit upon your initial request for service at no additional labor rate.

2.     After initial installation of your service; you have the option to purchase and install the unit yourself OR;

You can request an installation using our standard labor rate of $155 per Hour, with a minimum of 30 minutes. 

If you are connecting new service, the 24-Hour battery backup can be added to your service order. If you have current Fiber Internet service with us, please contact our Customer Experience Specialist Team at 1-800-478-6409 and they will assist you with your request. 

There is no need to return the existing backup battery as it is yours.  ASTAC does not warranty, repair or maintain the Calix backup battery, you would need to contact the manufacturer directly.