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Nomadic Ethernet

Business Ethernet Connections on the Go

Today’s workforce demands mobility to be their most productive. To deliver it, businesses need a fast, reliable and secure Nomadic Ethernet connection that gives users the ability to move freely meeting to meeting with no disruptions. ASTAC’s Private LTE WAN powers our Nomadic Ethernet to make mobility possible while providing scalability to a meshed network.



Based on your specific needs, ASTAC creates a customizable Nomadic Ethernet network with features and equipment built to support your business’s critical data.



Easy-to-manage user directories keep only approved users and their information safe with enterprise-strength WAP encryption keys.



Stay productive with reliable Nomadic Ethernet while reducing IT costs and downtime. Our experts will design and deploy a Nomadic Ethernet solution scaled for your business.



Easily adjust your power settings to increase or decrease the range of your access points depending on your traffic.



Ensure constant connections between rooms and hallways with our managed Nomadic Ethernet.


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