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Sales & Training Events


Community Sales Events

ASTAC looks forward to traveling out to all North Slope Borough communities this fall to host sales events and its 10th annual Swoosh contest. Please let us know what products you’re most interested in by filling out the following form.

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    Fall Sales Events

    Point Hope
    Community Center                     Sept 30, 2-6p
    ASTAC Rental House 426         Oct 1, 10-6p
    Community Center                     Oct 2, 10-5p (Swoosh Tournament @ 7p)
    Community Center                     Oct 3, 10-6p
    Community Center                     Oct 4, 10-6p

    Point Lay
    Community Center                     Oct 7, 11-5p (Swoosh Tournament @ 7p)
    Community Center                     Oct 8, 10-2p

    Community Center                     Oct 9, 10-5p
    Community Center                     Oct 10, 10-5p (Swoosh Tournament @ 7p)

    Anaktuvuk Pass
    Community Center                     Oct 22, 12-5p
    Community Center                     Oct 23, 10-5p (Swoosh Tournament @ 7p)

    Olgoonik Hotel                           Oct 29, 2-5p (Swoosh Tournament @ 7p)
    Olgoonik Hotel                           Oct 30, 10-7p
    Olgoonik Hotel                           Oct 31, 10-7p

    Kuukpik Hotel                             Nov 6, 12-5p (Swoosh Tournament @ 7p)
    Kuukpik Hotel                             Nov 7, 10-7p

    ASTAC Garage                           Nov 12, 3-7p
    Community Center                     Nov 13, 10-5p (Swoosh night)