HAC Wireless Devices

Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)

More information can be found on the FCC’s website located here:

To view information regarding hearing aid-compatible and non-hearing handset models, or, alternatively, a clearly marked list of hearing  aid-compatible handset models that have been offered in the past 24 months, please view the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative’s website:


There are two measures used to determine a handsets ability to be considered hearing aid compatible. Digital handsets have a specific rating based on their abilty to reduce interference with hearing aids operating in acoustic mode; this is M rating which is rated on a scale from M1-M4, M4 being the best. Handsets are also rated from T1 to T4 based on their ability to operate with hearing aids that contain a telecoil (a tightly wrapped piece of wire that converts sound into electromagnetic signals) and operate in inductive coupling mode. The FCC considers handsets to be HAC if they are rated a minimum of M3 for acoustic coupling and T3 for inductive coupling.

Device Types

ASTAC’s device line up includes a variety of type with different capabilitys; these units are defined as follows:

  • Smartphone – A device/handset that allows you to connect with others by talk, text, and web
  • Standard Devices – A device/handset that enables communication through talk and text; basic voice and texting capabilities and limited web browsing which is device specific
  • Tablet – A device/handset with mostly web capabilities which with certain applications can excel ones experience though video, voice, or messaging applications
  • Data Only – A device/handset that is able to only access the internet often enabling other connected devices to access the web


Some handsets may be rated N/A, this indicates either it hasn’t been tested or the device doesn’t score high enough to establish a rank. If you would like to purchase a handset with a N/A rating, please test the device out to ensure it will work with your hearing aids. If you have questions related to our trial period, return policy, or HAC in general please speak with a Customer Experience Specialist.

Handsets with Wi-Fi calling capabilities may not have been tested for HAC in this calling mode.

List of HAC Devices at ASTAC

Please view current handsets and their HAC Compliance rating below:

Compliant PhonesFCC IDHAC RatingFunctionality*
Alcatel 3V2ACCJBT08M3/T3Smartphone
Alcatel Go Flip3ACCJN013M4/T4Standard
Apple iPhone 8BCG-E3159AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 8+BCG-E3160AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone XSBCG-E3218AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone XS MaxBCG-E3219AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 11BCG-E3309AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 11 ProBCG-E3305AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 11 Pro MaxBCG-E3306AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone SEBCG-E3500AM3/T4Smartphone
Motorola G6IHDT56XD5M4/T3Smartphone
Samsung A10eA3LSMA102UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung A12, 32GBA3LSMA125UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung A50A3LSMA505UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung FlipA3LCYTF65BRCM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Fold 3A3LSMF900FM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Note 9A3LSMN960UM4/T3Smartphone
Samsung S10A3LSMG973UM4/T4Smartphone
Samsung S10+A3LSMG975UM4/T3Smartphone
Samsung S20A3LSMG981UM4/T3Smartphone
Samsung S20+SM-G985F/DSM4/T3Smartphone

Revision Date: September 1, 2021