Utqiaġvik Fiber FAQs

Who is working on my home and what are they doing?

ASTAC technicians and contractors will be installing Network Interface Devices (NIDs) between September 2018 and summer 2019 that will allow for fiber to the home at a later date.

What if I’m not an ASTAC Internet customer, does the technician need to install anything on my home?

As the local exchange carrier, ASTAC has an obligation to provide a means of service to everyone within our markets. To fulfill this requirement, the NIDs will be installed on every house, whether ASTAC currently provides service or not.

Will this affect my current charges/rates?

Installing NIDs will have no effect on your current charges/rates.

Why are we getting fiber?

Fiber allows more flexibility and reliability to the services ASTAC can provide to its customers.

Who all is getting fiber in Utqiaġvik?

Every home and business in Utqiaġvik will have ASTAC fiber installed.

How will fiber impact the service to my house?

Fiber optics will allow faster and more reliable Internet which is capable of providing all of ASTAC’s broadband products to every customer.

When will I have fiber installed?

Finishing in winter 2018/2019, residential customers will have fiber run to a box on the outside of the home. Beginning in spring of 2019, customers will be contacted by an ASTAC Customer Service Representative to schedule an installation for fiber into the home.

What if I don’t want the Network Interface Device (NID) installed on my home?

If you don’t want the NID installed on your home, you will need to contact ASTAC customer service and provide your address. If you opt out of the NID installation now, any future services you may want from ASTAC will include an installation fee and may experience a delay in scheduling the installation.

Do I have to be present for the installation?

No, your presence is not required for the technician to install the NID on the outside of the home.

What took ASTAC so long to bring fiber to Utqiaġvik?

Providing high speed Internet to the North Slope Borough is challenging and until now, has been done via satellite. Once Quintillion brought subsea fiber to Utqiaġvik, it gave ASTAC a new opportunity and capability to provide faster services.