Member Voting


Member Voting

The 2020 election is November 9-30, 2020

All ASTAC members will be voting on a Bylaw amendment. Members in Anaktuvuk Pass, Kaktovik and Wainwright will also be voting for their director.

Online voting will be done through SmartHub (web only). All ASTAC members will also receive paper ballots but are encouraged to vote online.

Each vote cast for a community’s director will earn members in Anaktuvuk Pass, Kaktovik and Wainwright one entry into a raffle for a $100 ASTAC bill credit. Each online vote will earn one additional entry.

Online/Electronic Vote

  • To place an electronic vote, login to your ASTAC SmartHub online account and double-click the yellow “Vote Now” icon next to the “Pay Now” icon.
  • If you do not have an ASTAC SmartHub account contact our Customer Experience Department at 1-800-478-6409 and a specialist can establish one for you. Once activated, double-click on the “Vote Now” icon in the upper right corner of your SmartHub home page and follow the steps below.

Online Voting step-by-step instructions video:

Online Voting step-by-step instructions: 

1. Log into SmartHub.

2. Double-click the ‘Vote Now’ button.

3. The ‘DirectVote’ welcome page displays.

4. Click the ‘Go to Ballot’ button.

5. The ‘Web Ballot’ page displays.  This is where you can view the candidates.

6. Select the candidate you wish to vote for.

7. Click the ‘Go to Ballot Confirmation’ button at the bottom of the screen.

8. The voter summary page displays the candidate you selected.

9. There are options to either click ‘Change Vote’ which will navigate back to the ballot page, or click the ‘Submit Ballot’ button to finalize the voting process.

10. You may want to print the summary page for your records.  Once the vote is submitted, you will not have access to the ballot again. 

11. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address on file.  If an email is not on file, a page will display providing the option to add an email and send a confirmation.

12. After the ballot is submitted, the webpage will redirect to an optional voter satisfaction page.

13. Please rate the voting process and leave a comment. 

14. After the survey is submitted, the webpage redirects to the ‘End Session’ page.

15. Click the ‘End Session’ button.

16. The webpage redirects to ASTAC’s website. This is confirmation the online voting process is complete. 

Mail in Ballot (Vote by Mail)

Paper ballots will be mailed to members ASTAC does not have email addresses for on November 9, 2020. Use the perforation to tear off your official ballot. Cast your vote for your district. You must sign and date the bottom of your ballot or it cannot be counted. Place your signed official ballot in the postage-paid envelope.

Mail in ballots must be received by Friday, November 30. 2020 to be counted.

Ballot/Vote Verification
To ensure one vote per membership our third-party vendor, Survey & Ballot Systems, will be overseeing the board vote count. If a member accidentally votes in more than one form the first vote received will be counted as your first and final vote. At each stage of the voting process there will be a verification process to ensure that a member has not already cast a vote.

Print Online Voting Flyer