Residential Home Phone



Basic Telephone Service

Per Month*UtqiaġvikAll Other Villages
Approx. $29.75$35.55**$66.95**

*Amount is an approximation. The monthly amount may vary depending upon number of days in the month.
**Connection to a location may require a premise visit by a technician. Additional labor charges may apply.
**Installation/Number Changes/Moves.

Telephone Options

DepositsASTAC asks for a security deposit for residential service, depending on previous payment history. Customers may sign up for Auto Pay to waive the initial deposit. These deposits are refundable after one year of service with good payment history. The minimum security deposit is $100.
Auto PayCustomers can take care of their bill by using a credit card on Auto Pay. ASTAC will automatically debit your monthly balance on the 15th of every month, or the following Monday if the 15th falls on the weekend.
LifelineIf you are using certain forms of public assistance (Medicaid, food stamps, SSI, etc.), you may be eligible for Lifeline service. For details contact customer service at 1-800-478-6409.
Long DistanceCustomers may contact ASTAC and set up an account for long distance service at 1-800-478-6409.

Residential Custom Calling Features (Per Month)

One time activation for calling features. Utqiaġvik: $5.15, all other villages: $10.30.


SmartPack 1 (Call Waiting, Three Way Calling)$4.80
SmartPack 2 (Call Waiting, Three Way Calling, Call Forwarding Variable)$6.05
SmartPack 3 (Call Waiting, Three Way Calling, Call Forwarding Variable, 8-Number Speed Calling) Upgrade SmartPack 3 to 30-Number$6.70
CLASSPak 1 Calling number ID, Continuous Redial, Last Call Return$10.20
CLASSPak 2 Includes CLASSPak 1 + Selective Call Rejection, Selective Call Acceptance$15.55
CLASSPak 3 Includes CLASSPak 3 + Selective Call Forward, VIP Alert$17.90


Caller ID + Call Waiting, Each Line$8.25
Caller ID + 1 Feature, Each Line$9.25
Caller ID + 2 Features, Each Line$12.35
Caller ID + 3 Features, Each Line$15.45
ServiceUtqiaġvikAll Other Villages
Anonymous Call Rejection$4.10$4.10
Calling number ID$7.20$7.20
Call Forwarding/Call Forwarding Variable$2.60$2.60
Call Forward Remote$6.00$6.00
Call Waiting$3.10$3.10
Continuous Redial$4.10$4.10
Customer Originated Trace, per request$5.15$5.15
Distinctive Ringing/Smart Ring (Teen)$2.05$4.10
Last Call Return$4.10$4.10
Speed Calling – 8 Code$2.60$2.60
Speed Calling – 30 Code$4.10$4.10
Toll Restriction$4.05$3.05
Three Way Calling$2.60$2.60
VIP Alert/Customized Ringing$4.10Not available
Wake Up, per request$4.10$2.05
Install 900 Toll Denyn/c (first time)n/c (first time)
Remove 900 Toll Deny$20.60$20.60
Restore 900 Toll Deny$20.60$20.60