Adam Smith

Adam Smith, 
Information Systems Administrator and
Garrett Nayokpuk,
Information Service Administrator
Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital

We at ASNA/SSMH have been customers of ASTAC now for well over 15 years, from PBX PRI, DSL and cell service. We are fortunate to have a long term good relationship with ASTAC for our needs in Barrow, Alaska. The service and support we receive have been above and beyond. I would recommend their services to anyone (personal or corporate) looking for reliable, friendly and prompt service.”


North Slope Borough School District

“The North Slope Borough School District is pleased to announce that General Communications, Inc. (GCI) in partnership with Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative (ASTAC), has been selected as the Service Provider for district-wide Internet access.”

ben tagarook hunting - Copy

Ben Tagarook
Wainwright Whaling Captain

“I’m thrilled to be on ASTAC’s 4G network and have service as far as 8 miles away from Wainwright with my CAT S60! I also had service 14 feet underground, down in my cellar. There are not too many phones that have service underground. The phone is also durable from water, oil and gas.”

Ira At Wain Coop

Ira Ungudruk
Wainwright Co-op

“ASTAC’s new Fiber at the Wainwright Co-op is great! Our credit card transactions go through really fast now.”

PHO Mayor Daisy Sage - Copy

Daisy Sage
City of Point Hope, Former Mayor

“Between my high speed internet at home and the kiosks and WiFi link at the Community Center, I am very pleased with ASTAC’s services and the improvements they have brought to the community of Point Hope. Thank you ASTAC!”

Mayor Amos and Gregg (AIN)

Amos John AguvlukNashookpuk
City of Wainwright’s Former City Council Member and Current City of Wainwright Office Manager

“From the first day we were connected to the fiber optic, we see how it will improve business and how the City will benefit from the connection. We are excited and thank Gregg for the work he did. Quyanqpak!”


Danielle Knox
Point Hope Native Store

“I like the fast Internet, I have it at home and it works great.”


Amos John AguvlukNashookpuk
Ilisagvik College Student

“I will be a full time student of Ilisagvik College. I was looking into one of the universities but our Tribal College and the only Tribal College in Alaska has 4 year business program. I’ve been a student for a couple of years, slowly but surely taken courses to get my degree. With the fiber optic now in place, finishing my degree will be easier by loading material and what not. I’ve been a leader of my village, former school board member that represent Wainwright and on my 6th year as a Board of Trustee of Ilisagvik College. The fiber optic roll out will help me, practice what I preach as a leader who endorses education. While working to obtain my degree with Ilisagvik, my goal is to inspire and motivate our younger generation to take advantage of what is delivered on our homeland. The roll out of fiber will make it a lot easier to do. As an advocate of education, I can see many possibilities and opportunity for all residents of Wainwright. From our elementary-high school students and for students who choose to get their AA, BA, Masters even their Doctorate Degrees. This has open many doors for our residents to better themselves with education. An avenue I am taking to break the trail to show you can become someone from your home!”